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Welcome and thank you for visiting Marmalade Books. My name is Pat Oldroyd, and although I have been a children’s book buyer and seller for over 15 years, more importantly I’m a mom and a grandmother. In my blogs I want to share with you reviews of great books that I’m reading as well as issues I think you might like regarding children’s literature and learning to read. As well, I want to share some of my favourite authors and illustrators with you.

I believe that children’s books can be an enriching family affair. It’s a great way to really bond with your children, while helping them to become confident, enthusiastic readers. And children’s books just aren’t for kids. There are lots for parent and grandparents to love about them too. Over the years I have spoken to many parents who are concerned that their children are not reading earlier then they think they should. I always say that the first step is just to read to and with your children, daily if possible. The secret is to find books that interest them so that they are anxious for reading time. This happened with my sons and when they couldn’t wait until our reading time, I found that they had grabbed the book and were reading ahead on their own. Later on when they were independent readers, I was still reading their books. What great and lively dinner conversations we had about the books we were all reading.

Over the years I have collected some wonderful books and now I’m pretty excited to be able to share them with my grandson.

I hope that you enjoy our website and blogs, our beautiful books and experience the joy of reading to your children.